Cleaning continues.

The Balearic government yesterday started to pay out for replacing essential household goods that were wrecked by the floods in Sant Llorenç and northeast Majorca two weeks ago.

The aid is for 311 homes (some 750 people) and amounts to 1.06 million euros. The money is in order to buy furniture and electrical goods such as fridges, to replace doors, windows and to carry out paintwork.

Assessments were made by social workers who went to the area in the days after the floods. They visited some 600 properties. The maximum being paid out through the social services ministry is 5,500 euros. Some properties need assistance more urgently than others. These are people's homes. Others have less urgent needs as they are holiday homes.

Sant Llorenç village suffered the most damage - 244 properties. In Son Carrio, part of the municipality, there were 24. Other places affected were Colonia Sant Pere, Canyamel and S'Illot.

Of individuals who experienced damages and losses, 110 were people of 75 years of age or more.

Other government aid is to go to the area from different ministries - trade and industry, for general businesses and shops, and tourism. There will also be aid for agricultural losses. On top of this immediate Balearic government assistance there is the funding from Madrid for what has been declared a disaster emergency area as well as the enormous amounts still being raised through public donations.