Tourist tax revenue is to be spent on creating a large pool of recycled water in Porreres that will be used for agricultural irrigation. Four hectares in size, it will have a budget of two million euros and will be in accordance with one of the six tourist tax spending purposes - this one being the modernisation of the natural, agrarian and marine environment.

The project will complement another that was approved in 2016. This is for the renovation and expansion of the Porreres water-treatment plant, work on which hasn't actually started. It is expected that a tender will be issued at the start of next year and mean an increase in population coverage from 4,500 to 8,000.

Farmers in Porreres have been wanting a recycling facility for some years, especially for fruit crops - Porreres is known for its apricots in particular. Some one hundred farmers will benefit from the project. The pool will be built in the Son Barbut area in the south of the municipality.

The environment and agriculture ministry, which has promoted the project, states that the pool will have a significant environmental benefit in terms of improvement to water quality, provision to combat drought and the landscape. This in turn will benefit the rural landscape and its appreciation by tourists.