The parliamentary spokesperson for the Partido Popular, Marga Prohens, told public administration minister Catalina Cladera that with "each day which passes, the rumours that the government is hiding something increase". Prohens was referring to the floods in Sant Llorenç on 9 October and to testimony from one source which suggested that there was something in the torrent that had not been attended to correctly.

Prohens also alluded to rumours regarding calls to the 112 emergency services centre that were not dealt with, and she demanded a list of all calls. Cladera responded by saying that these were subject to data protection law and by insisting that Prohens didn't use the victims of the floods "for political opportunism".

Cladera observed that there has been a 20% increase in the emergencies directorate's budget since the current government came into office, that there will be a further eleven per cent rise in 2019 and that there will be twenty more staff for the 112 emergencies centre.