Insurers estimate that 60% of those affected by the 9 October floods in Majorca's Llevant region did not have adequate cover.

The government's consumer affairs department and the professional college for insurance assessors are to undertake a campaign in order to try and avoid this being the case in the event of a future disaster. The public is to be advised about having insurance policies with maximum coverage.

Francesc Dalmau, the consumer affairs director-general, says that the Sant Llorenç floods and the Minorca tornado which led to some users having no power for up to two days have highlighted the need to have adequate and proper insurance. Some of the blame for this, he believes, lies with banks. Insurance policies that purchasers are obliged to take out with their mortgages don't always have the right cover.

Daniel Salamanca of the college believes there is misinformation about insurance policies. A campaign of awareness raising will therefore benefit owners and also the assessors, as they will know that all requirements are in order. He also criticises banks and in particular online campaigns to attract customers, suggesting that 95% of the products they promote may not be worth anything.