The airports authority Aena reports that there was a 3.8% increase in passenger numbers at Palma's Son Sant Joan in October.

The number was up, compared with the same month last year, to 2,987,793. Of these, there were 2.2% more international passengers (2,394,571). The growth in national passenger traffic was eleven per cent.

German passengers accounted for slightly more than half the foreign total - 1,210,085. This was up 3.5%. The UK number was down 3.2% to 566,406. There were particularly notable increases in French and Austrian numbers - 33.6% and 70% respectively.

The total number of flights in October went up almost seven per cent to 22,640. Between January and October, flights increased 4.5% to 201,352, while passenger numbers rose 3.3% to 27,093,963.

Note that these figures are for both arrivals and departures.