Andratx police and officers from the Guardia Civil's Seprona division are looking for a wolfhound which is believed to have been responsible for attacking and killing goats. Investigators suspect that it may be a dog which escaped from a finca in Puigpunyent on 25 October.

On Monday around midnight, Andratx police received calls about a dog that was attacking goats alongside the Estellencs main road. Officers went to the scene but the darkness impeded their search. It was only at first light on Tuesday that they found dead goats that had clearly been attacked. Seprona were then contacted because a wolfhound was seen between eight and nine in the morning along the calle Barcelona in the centre of Andratx.

Later on, a wolfhound was seen on the main road near to the spot where goats had been killed.

Six dogs wolfhounds escaped from the finca. Two ponies on the Galatzó Reserve were attacked on the first day they were loose. Some returned and others were rounded up, with the exception of one.

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