Grupo Juaneda has agreed to a revised schedule of negotiations regarding redundancies in Majorca. Teresa Sánchez of the UGT union says that there will be a meeting on Wednesday next week at which Juaneda will present more documentation so that "we can really enter into redundancy negotiations".

On 31 October, Juaneda announced that there would be redundancies as part of a series of measures to guarantee future viability of the group and to be able to compete in a market as demanding as the Balearics.

Last week on 8 November, union representatives were presented with the redundancy plan that affects 231 employees - 124 at the Policlinica Miramar, 93 at the Clinica Juaneda and fourteen others in general services. The intention had been for the negotiations in respect of this to be completed by 12 December. That date now no longer applies.

The Balearic health and employment ministers, Patricia Gómez and Iago Negueruela, met with the negotiating committee last Friday. They both offered their support to the workers and mediation.