The Supreme Court in Madrid has confirmed a sentence of twenty years and six months that was handed to Arnau Matas for having shot his wife's lover in 2014.

On 24 June in that year, Matas went to the Bar Gorli in Porto Cristo at twenty minutes to eight in the morning and shot its manager, Ángel Abad, twice with a revolver. He died at the scene. Because it was early there was no one else in the bar, but a witness heard the shots and then bumped into Matas.

The weapon was hidden at his workshop in a place where he had hoped it would be difficult to find. There was a personal motive for shooting Abad, and it would seem that many people in Porto Cristo knew this.

The Supreme Court has upheld the sentence passed by the Provincial Court in Palma, which also ruled that he had to pay a total of 250,000 euros compensation. The court concluded that he had acted "with perfect premeditation".