The National Police are conducting an internal investigation into the processing of a denunciation made by Sacramento Roca, the woman who was stabbed to death by her ex-partner, Rafael Pantoja, on Friday last week.

Sacramento made the denunciation on 12 November, just a few days before she was murdered. She complained about messages being sent to her, about harassment and about the tyres of her car having been slashed. The officer at the police headquarters who took the report did not treat it as a potential case of gender violence but as wilful damage. Messages that Pantoja sent to her included one which said that he had forgotten her and that this had been easy because "you're not worth anything".

It is possible that the officer in question could be suspended from duty without pay for a period of some months, if it is shown that there had been negligence. Sacramento Roca's family, it is understood, does not intend denouncing the officer for an apparent processing error.

The Balearic government, meanwhile, will be presenting its own prosecution of Pantoja, who was was ordered to prison by a Palma court on Monday, charged with murder.