On time and to schedule the temporary military bridge reconnecting the Ma-12 Arta-Puerto Alcudia road opened to traffic yesterday morning.

Military engineers from Zaragoza and the Balearics only began work on the project on Sunday morning and yesterday it was opened to the public with the first vehicle across being military and carrying the officer in charge of the operation.

Traffic along the bridge is only allowed in one direction and that is of Arta, drivers wishing to head in the direction of Colonia de San Pedro will have to use the Manacor road or other alternatives until the original bridge, which was seriously damaged by the October floods, has been repaired.

However, the Council of Majorca said yesterday that traffic lights are being installed in the exceptional case of the bridge needing to be used by traffic in both directions.

The temporary crossing may be closed in the event of adverse weather and will not be open at night.