The new Chief of the National Police, Gonzalo Espino Cruz, has dismissed the chief inspector and leader of the Family and Women Unit (UFAM) for the protection of women of gender violence.

The reason is the alleged police failure to process the complaint of Sacramento Roca, the woman who was murdered in Conforama by her ex-partner last month.

The two inspectors, apart from being removed from the unit, must now face disciplinary proceedings in Madrid.

Days before being stabbed, Sacramento Roca went to the National Police headquarters in Palma to denounce that the wheels of her car had been punctured. She told the police that she suspected that Rafael Pantoja, her ex-boyfriend was responsible.

That complaint was processed as a case of intentional damage, but Sacri also said that her ex-partner was harassing her with emails, phone calls and phone messages and these accusations, according to the chief of police, should have been classified as gender violence and handed over to the courts.

However, that did not happen and an investigation into what failed internally in the National Police has been opened.

The inspector who handled the complaint from Sacri at the police station acted correctly by sending it to the UFAM, in view of the claims of harassment described by the victim.

The inspector who received it, however, did not notice the risk.

Another inspector, the head of the unit, who reviewed the complaint, also did not observe the latent danger that threatened Sacri - they have also been releived of their posts. Sacri had previously filed accusations of gender-based violence against two former partners, one of which ended up in court.

Pantoja was finally arrested after he marched into Conforama in calle Aragon and stabbed Sacramento Roca 11 times.