The Central Government Delegate in the Balearics, Rosario Sanchez, said yesterday that the Spanish Constitution needed to be altered to embrace the changes in Spanish society.

Speaking on the 40th anniversary of the signing of the Spanish Magna Carta which heralded the start of the new era of democracy in the country she said that the Central Government in Madrid of Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez was listening to the people of the islands and their concerns.

But she said that the necessary courage needed to be shown to change the Constitution to face new challenges in Spain. She underlined the successes of the new socialist government of Pedro Sanchez and said that they were fighting hard to outlaw the exploitation of workers. She also pointed to better transport and funding for the islands from the administration in Madrid.

“We have to be brave and embrace change,” she said.

Rosario Sanchez was speaking yesterday at the annual Constitution reception at the Almudaina Palace in Palma which was attended by some of the leading local authorities. But some politicians from regional parties declined to attend the event because they believe that the present Constitution is not fit for purpose.