Most of the car park is on what is currently rustic land. | Elena Ballestero

The Council of Majorca's agency for the defence of territory has ordered Campanet town hall to close immediately the car park on the calle Creu. The agency has found that the car park occupies 1,380 square metres of rustic land and therefore does not have the necessary licence. It has started the disciplinary procedure by which it could order the demolition of the car park if the town hall does not comply.

The town hall's mayor, Magdalena Solivellas, is from Més. She recognises that the situation with the car park is "irregular", but says that there is a "pressing need" for there to be a public car park in order to be able to complete on time the project for semi-pedestrianisation that is being funded by the Council of Majorca.

There are 55 spaces in the car park, which is "vital" to the undertaking of what is considered to be a "stellar" project for the town hall, which is due to register an appeal with the courts. The town hall is also processing an amendment to its urban planning regulations in order to reclassify the land.