The airlines association has added its voice in opposing the no flights proposal. | Archive

Spain's airlines association, Aceta, has roundly rejected Palma town hall's request for there to be no night flights at Son Sant Joan Airport. A ban on flights "would have a very negative effect on airlines' operations," says a letter sent to the director of regulated business at the airports authority Aena.

Stopping night flights "would restrict activity in an indiscriminate manner and this would entail great harm being done to passengers, whose choice of flights would be limited".

The letter continues by drawing attention to the "highly negative" consequences for tourism and therefore also for employment and the general economy. Limiting hours could result in fewer flights and fewer tourists.

With 24-hour operation in 2017, the airport attracted almost 28 million passengers, an increase of 6.5%, and more than 208,000 flights - a rise of 5.6%. International flights represent 77% of the total, and three-quarters of passengers on international flights are tourists. Reducing hours at the airport would have repercussions for Majorca and the Balearics, where 45% of regional GDP is derived from tourism, and for jobs. In addition, greater pressure would be placed on air navigation services (air traffic control) and on the airport's own services.