Two Moroccan brothers have been arrested in Palma by the Guardia Civil in connection with the illegal immigration of some 600 Moroccan citizens. A total of seven people have been detained, the illegal network having been operating - in the words of the Guardia - "as a type of travel agency".

Raids and arrests were made in Cadiz, Malaga and Murcia as well as in Palma. During the operation, dubbed Pocari, sixty immigrants were taken into care, among them women and children. The gang was arranging immigration for which a minimum of 2,500 euros was paid.

The investigation started in Cadiz, where the Guardia Civil became aware of an organisation bringing in illegal immigrants from Morocco. While one group of people was being transferred - most were heading for Catalonia and the Basque Country - there was a road accident in Barbate, Cadiz. The driver fled the scene, leaving behind injured immigrants.

The head of the organisation, identified as A.B. had organised what turned out to be the last shipment of illegal immigrants - some fifty people in a boat. The Guardia Civil intercepted this boat as it was making its way to Algeciras and arrested A. B. The two brothers - H.T. and R.T. - were involved in the logistics once the immigrants arrived. These included the renting of apartments and vehicles.