A bit more rain than usual is forecast this winter. | Julian Aguirre

Around half past eleven on Friday night, astronomical winter will start, and Aemet is forecasting that it will be a normal winter in terms of temperatures and slightly wetter than usual.

The pattern will be for temperatures to go down until the end of January and start of February, when they will gradually begin to rise. Majorca has an average winter temperature of 15.8% and a minimum of 6.6C. As for rainfall, the average is around 129 litres per square metre.

In January, while snow on the peaks will be normal, there are likely also to be intervals of the so-called January calms. Anticyclone conditions can produce springlike weather.

For Christmas, the weather is due to remain stable until Boxing Day, after which some rain is possible. There will be less than usual, however. Otherwise, the Christmas weather will be dominated by sunny skies and some high clouds, with highs around 15C.

As for autumn, Aemet describes this as having been warm, with some record highs in September and also this month. The average temperature has been 19C, which is 0.5C more than usual. It was the third wettest autumn in the past thirty years, with 62% more rain than the average. Much of the rain was confined to October. In Colonia Sant Pere there were 600 litres per square metre.