Dumping at an out-of-town container point in Muro. | Antoni Pol

Muro town hall has taken on a firm of private detectives in its attempt to counter the dumping of waste in rural areas. The firm, GesInforma, has already had some success. Three proceedings have been opened, which could result in fines totalling 9,000 euros.

Mayor Martí Fornés says that the firm has been hired in order to establish control at rubbish container points outside the urban area. Like other municipalities, Muro has problems with illegal dumping. Rather than go to green points, people leave items such as electrical goods and mattresses by containers. This type of waste should be taken to a green point.

Muro has thirty container points in rural parts. In order to detect an infraction, the private detective firm prepares a report that describes the type of waste and includes a vehicle registration number and photos. The regional law that deals with waste infringements has provision for fines that range from 900 to 9,000 euros.

Més, who are in opposition at the town hall, have their doubts about the use of private detectives. Councillor Miquel À. Tortell says that the contracting of GesInfoma was done secretly. The system by which ruling councillors receive direct reports from the firm lacks administrative controls and allows the administration to make "a la carte" denunciations.

Tortell finds it strange that the three proceedings which have been opened haven't applied to anyone who is "Muro through and through". One is from Maria de la Salut, another from Can Picafort, and the third is someone with only limited association with Muro. He also believes that the administration is exploiting the situation "as a means of winning votes".

Fornés rejects this. Until now, only people from outside Muro have been detected. He has defended the validity of the use of private detectives.