National Police at the Intermodal Station in Palma.


Since 14 December, extra National Police patrols, either in uniform or plain clothes, have been on the beat in the centre of Palma as part of the now annual festive security operation. As yet there have been no major incidents and the patrols will remain in operation until 8 January. However, one of the most festive stories was the recovery of a rucksack lost by a rail passenger which contained 6,000 euros and other valuables.

On the afternoon of 27 December a man was waiting for the Inca train at the transport depot in Palma. When he boarded the train, he left his rucksack behind. By the time he realised, it was too late to jump off. As soon as he reached the next stop at Jacint Verdaguer, he ran back to the central station in a panic. He reported what had happened to station security who immediately began combing the CCTV recordings until they located a woman picking up the bag. The National Police were informed and the woman intercepted.

She said that she was in the process of handing the rucksack over to lost and found and had no idea what it contained. Relieved, the man was handed back his rucksack containing all of his money.

According to the National Police, the man lives alone in a rented room in Palma and always carries all his money and valuables with him when he goes out for safety reasons. Needless to say he was extremely grateful to the police.