Snow line down to 500 metres on Thursday.

23-02-2018Guillem Mas

Majorca is about to experience the first cold snap of the year. Aemet reports that a polar front will tonight produce snow down to 900 metres, with the snow line expected to fall to 500 metres tomorrow. The snowfalls are not expected to be heavy.

Maximum temperatures will drop to around nine degrees; the typical high for this time of the year is 15C. A wind chill because of stiff northerly breezes will give a sensation of just 5C. Sea conditions will be rough, with waves of four metres off northern coasts.

On Friday, some rain is forecast in the morning. Highs will be no more than 10C. Over the weekend, the temperature will rise to around 14C, so still slightly below the seasonal average.

The change in weather comes after at least one record was beaten for high temperatures. The 20.9C in Llucmajor on Sunday was a record for the weather station.

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