Operation at Manacor Hospital.


On Monday, doctors at Manacor Hospital were attacked by a male patient who some minutes before had been operated on.

The operation, a minor one, was successful and there were no complications. When the patient was in the recovery suite, he started to insult personnel and threatened to kill someone. The doctors became involved and tried to calm him down. However, and despite relatives being witnesses to what was going on, the situation got worse.

The patient exchanged blows with one of the surgeons and tried to attack another one. She ran off and, with the patient trying to chase her down the corridors, locked herself in a toilet. National Police officers arrived. The patient was still being aggressive, so they handcuffed him.

Medical staff have ruled out his having been affected by the anaesthetic. There had been no issue with the patient while he was being operated on, while the effects of the anaesthetic had been "neutralised" once he was in the recovery suite.