There is currently a transfer plant for compost in Alcudia. | Elena Ballestero

The new composting plant that the Council of Majorca wants to site in Alcudia would lie partially within the Albufera place of community interest (what is referred to by the acronym LIC).

Alcudia town hall has made submissions against the plant, which forms part of the Council's plan for waste. The town hall has drawn attention to risks in terms of water, soil, environment and landscape. It wants alternatives to be considered - the reopening of the plant in Sa Pobla, which was closed because of complaints by residents, and upgrades of plants in Ariany and Felanitx.

An analysis made by the town hall suggests that the impact of the plant would be more acceptable if existing facilities were remodelled rather than by creating a new one. The site in Alcudia that the Council wishes to develop already has a transfer centre for compost. This is off the road leading from the motorway, is right by the municipal border with Sa Pobla and is partially within the Albufera LIC.

The main issue with the new plant is the treatment of sludge waste. This creates smells (which is why the Sa Pobla one was closed) and would also - in the case of the proposed site in Alcudia - jeopardise protected land. Moreover, as the town hall points out, the plant would affect rural tourist establishments. These would be "condemned to close because of the new activity" - and the smells.