The famous occasion in 2009 when walkers went over the barriers to the Ternelles finca. | Teresa Ayuga

The regional government is opening a new means by which Pollensa town hall can retrieve responsibility for authorising walks on the Ternelles finca to Cala Castell.

The town hall wanted a modification to the plan for natural resources in the Tramuntana. By this, it would have been protected by a provision under the government's environmental assessment legislation that gives flexibility to uses in exclusion zones in the mountains (Cala Castell is one of these). The Balearic High Court has, however, ruled that the government must alter the Tramuntana plan before the town hall can apply the provision in the legislation.

The biodiversity department within the regional environment ministry is coming up with an alternative to facilitate the town hall's wishes while also working on procedures to revise the Tramuntana plan. This would entail the town hall making a direct request to the government to be able to authorise walks for a period of twelve months. Miquel Mir, the biodiversity director-general, says that his department understands that the environmental assessment law allows the government to establish this arrangement.

Pollensa's mayor, Miquel Àngel March, has confirmed that the town hall will be pursing this.