One of those arrested being taken to court yesterday. | Alejandro Sepúlveda

Four more people have been arrested in connection with robbery from and violence assaults on Palma taxi drivers. Two of the four were in court yesterday; one of them is a minor. Another of the four, a female, has been released on charges. The National Police say that she did not directly participate in the attacks.

The three males are Brazilian (two of them are aged 23) and the woman is a 20-year-old Ukrainian. The arrests were made on Monday. Two were in Palma, the others were in Marratxi and Lloret de Vistalegre. One of the four arrested has previous convictions. The two older males were ordered to prison, the situation with the younger one is being considered by the prosecution service for minors.

Three arrests were made last week - two minors and a 25-year-old, all male. The National Police started their investigations on 17 December, which was before the first assault on a taxi driver. This was in connection with a mugging incident involving the threat of a knife in the Gomila district of Palma. The first case of robbery with violence directed against a taxi driver was on 28 December in Cala Major.