At the presentation for the pa amb oli "world championship". | Pilar Pellicer

The first pa amb oli "world championship" is to be held on 28 February. The Majorca Restaurants Association and the regional government are arranging this to tie in with Balearics Day (1 March). The overall aim is to promote pa amb oli and the competition will be free and open to bars and restaurants.

The presentation of the championship was made on Tuesday. The president of the association, Alfonso Robledo, explained that it will be something "genuine and our own" and will also seek to give a boost to pa amb oli. Robledo acknowledged that it is being offered by fewer bars and restaurants. "The championship will help to put it back on the menus. We are looking for modern pa amb oli with surprises that will improve its positioning."

Given the championship is supposedly international, there will be social media promotion in three languages. "It is a very versatile dish that is relevant to all cultures," observed Beatriz Mayans of publicity company AgenciaCom.

The jury to decide the winner will be headed by top chef Andreu Genestra.