Majorca experienced some cold snaps during January. | Jaume Morey

Aemet reports that January was a cold month in the Balearics. The average temperature was 9.9C, lower by 0.7C than normal. Majorca was the coldest of the four islands, with an average of 9.8C.

The lowest temperature was minus 4.4C in Lluc over the night of 25 January. Lluc had the most days when there was a frost (twelve). At low levels, Campos had eleven days. Snow fell at 500 metres in Esporles - the lowest fall - on 10 January.

In terms of rain January was normal. Across the Balearics there was an average 40.6 litres per square metre. Minorca had double this. In Majorca it was 37.4 litres. The wettest day was 20 January, when there were 56.8 litres in Ferreries, Minorca and 42 litres in Lluc.

There were four days with storms in Majorca. The strongest wind was 127 kilometres per hour at the Serra d'Alfabia weather station on 27 January. The highest waves recorded were 6.2 metres in Mahon on 24 and 25 January.

By contrast, the warmest place last month was Pollensa, where 22.9C was registered on New Year's Day.