Tourists in Palma. | Julián Aguirre

The Balearic Ports Authority (APB), the University of the Balearic Islands and Palma town hall have launched a new app called "Welcome Palma". It is designed to provide personalised information to cruise tourists that will allow them to maximise the satisfaction of their visits while also improving management of tourist flows. Essentially, it is hoped that it will tackle so-called saturation.

Presented on Monday by the APB's president Joan Gual and Palma's tourism councillor Joana Maria Adrover, the app will let visitors know the places in the city that are most congested. It will help tourists to decide their routes and offers information about, for example, public transport and cultural sites.

The app is currently being trialled and will be for the next four to six weeks. Passengers from the "Costa Diadema" are involved with the trial. It is expected that the app will go fully live at Easter.