Joan Miralles, the president of Habtur. | Jaume Morey

The holiday rentals association Habtur yesterday issued a statement which says that the Balearic government and the Majorca Hoteliers Federation have allied in both opposing the appeal lodged by Habtur against the rentals zoning scheme. In Habtur's view, this demonstrates that the government has ceased to be "the government of the people" and is now governing exclusively on behalf of the hoteliers. The government is working to "benefit just one sector in lining its pockets at the expense of the rest of the citizens".

Habtur maintain that zoning is contrary to the democratisation of society and that it creates discrimination between members of the public. It is a regulation without legal solidity and is being used to address tourist "massification". Yet rentals contribute no more than ten per cent of the pressure from the tourist population. The hotel sector, on the other hand, represents around 70%.

While accepting that there needs to be some regulation of the rentals sector, Habtur stress that it should not be banned. Holiday rentals promote a type of tourism that is respectful of the environment and which values local products.