A DHC 6-300 Twin Otter. | Archive

A company called IslaAir wants to operate seaplanes within the islands and also with Valencia and Alicante.

Initially, the company would operate services from Palma to Mahon, Ibiza and La Savina; in other words, between four of the five state ports in the Balearics. There would be four daily services to Mahon, taking 38 minutes, five to Ibiza (35 minutes and seven to Formentera (36 minutes).

In addition, there would be six daily flights between Ibiza and Formentera that would take six minutes as well as a service from Formentera to Mahon.

The second phase would see flights from Palma, Ibiza and La Savina to Valencia and Alicante. A route from Palma to the mainland would run four times a day and take 75 minutes (via Ibiza).

IslaAir would operate DHC-6 300 Twin Otter planes with two pilots and a maximum of eighteen passengers. The company says that the only infrastructure which would be needed would be walkways from piers. Landing and taking-off would be outside port limits. The planes need between 300 and 500 metres.

Services would run 365 days a year and be targeted at residents and tourists. The company anticipates creating 150 jobs. There are no permissions to operate these flights as yet. The company says that meetings with port authorities have been positive.