Jaime Far, director of the anti-corruption office. | Miquel À. Cañellas

The director of the anti-corruption office, Jaime Far, is considering twelve complaints about bad practice in the Balearic public institutions which could stem from corruption. At present, there is sufficient evidence to continue investigations into two cases, while two more are likely to be closed because suspicions cannot be confirmed.

This information is contained in the 2018 report on Far's activities that he has handed to political parties in parliament. The two cases which require further investigation show, in his words, "irregularities". There has been a total of fourteen complaints or notifications of potential corruption, two of which he had himself started to look into. These are the two that are set to be archived.

Six of the complaints have come from private individuals, four of which include explanatory documentation. Three have come from public sector employees and one from a political party. There were four phone calls alerting him to possible cases, but these were not followed up by specific complaints.

The complaints have to do with irregularities in public office. They include suspicions of urban planning violations, senior officials' conflicts of interest and public sector contracts. The government, island councils, town halls, public agencies and private companies working with the public sector are all mentioned.

In his report, Far explains that he will be setting up a system of rapid alert for obtaining information related to "areas of risk". This will be a data analysis tool for detecting irregularities are at the time that they are arising. Any notifications from this system will be given the same weight as complaints that are sent directly or anonymously.