The area where the commercial centre would be developed.

The Supreme Court yesterday turned down the admission of an appeal by the Balearic government to quash a decision of the Balearic High Court in respect of the planned commercial centre development at Ses Fontanelles in Playa de Palma. The high court had ruled that the developers had the right to obtain permission from the regional government.

The court in Madrid determined that the government's arguments were valid but were not applicable in all cases. It drew attention to the fact that permission had been given to build the FAN Mallorca centre when the land lacked a classification of consolidated urban land (i.e. supplied with services). The government has maintained that the Ses Fontanelles site is not developable.

Following the Supreme Court's announcement, there was a meeting between the mayor of Palma, Antoni Noguera, the employment, trade and industry minister, Iago Negueruela, and the Council of Majorca's Mercedes Garrido to consider a new legal approach regarding Ses Fontanelles.