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Dry wetland of Ses Fontanelles in Palma Mallorca

Dry wetland of Ses Fontanelles in Palma Mallorca

Ses Fontanelles wetland in Playa de Palma is more or less bone dry.

Pere Bota 05/07/2021

The long-running legal battle may now move to the Supreme Court.


Podemos satisfaction at Ses Fontanelles court ruling

The Balearic High Court has rejected an appeal from the developer of the Palma Springs retail and leisure centre.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter12/06/2020 15:53

The area where the commercial centre would be developed.


Supreme Court turns down Ses Fontanelles appeal

The court decision potentially opens the way to the development of a controversial commercial centre.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter11/03/2019 19:16

Where the Ses Fontanelles centre would go, if approval were ever to be given.


Ses Fontanelles licence request is turned down again

The project for the Ses Fontanelles commercial centre in Playa de Palma is an ongoing saga.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter21/01/2018 00:00