There has been a fall in the number of holiday rental tourists. | G. M.

The legal challenge made by the Habtur holiday rentals association to the Council of Majorca's zoning plan has been backed up with information regarding the rentals market in Majorca.

Among the documentation presented to the Balearic High Court is, therefore, a study that covers a twelve-month period following the passing of Balearic rentals legislation in 2017. This indicates that the number of tourists staying in holiday rental accommodation fell by 455,417.

The lawyer representing Habtur, Tomás Villatoro, says that zoning creates a barrier to market entry and a "clear obstacle to competition in breach of Article 38 of the Constitution". In stressing that the zoning consolidates the traditional supply of accommodation, i.e. hotels, he points to the negative impact of a reduction in holiday rental availability. This reduction, he notes, is typified by zones where rentals will only be possible for a maximum of two months a year.

Another figure quoted in the documentation is that for a fall in revenue from holiday rentals. Habtur put this at 529 million euros.

The association has, meanwhile, appointed Antoni Serra as its new president. He replaces Joan Miralles, who has resigned in order to stand on behalf of El Pi at the elections next month.