Work opportunities were a factor in the increase in emigration. Are they less of a factor now? | Archive

Figures from the National Statistics Institute reveal that 8,754 people who were born in the Balearics are resident in countries other than Spain. The number has grown each year since 2009 and the start of the financial crisis; in that year there were 4,486.

A similar pattern of overseas residence applies to Spanish people who are registered but who weren't born in the Balearics. The figure for this year is 36,384. The growth, for this group, has been more pronounced; in 2009 there were 14,176. Central and South America account for more than half the 36,384 - 21,767 in all, with 8,355 in Argentina.

France has the second highest number of one-time Balearics residents after Argentina. The 3,033 is above the 2,396 in the UK, the 2,335 in Germany and 2,314 in the USA. There are 2,069 in Belgium, a figure which may be explained by work with European institutions.

In Africa there are 628 Balearic people, mainly in Morocco and Senegal. Australia has 153, the United Arab Emirates 144 and New Zealand 26.