Joana Maria Adrover announcing grants with the trade director-general, Sergio Gómez. | Mónica González

Restaurants in Palma will be able to obtain grants from the town hall for soundproofing. Trade councillor Joana Maria Adrover said yesterday that making these grants available for the first time will be of mutual benefit to restaurant owners and the public. "Noise that bothers residents will be reduced."

The maximum grant is 2,300 euros and for up to 80% of the cost. The town hall has grants for other purposes, one of these being the removal of architectural barriers. The maximum is double that for soundproofing. Others are for the likes of signs, design to improve an establishment's image and recycling systems.

Adrover stated that the town hall wants to support businesspeople wishing to invest in making their businesses more attractive and in modernising them. "We want to contribute financially so that establishments are improved in ways that attract customers, enrich the city and adapt to new social trends."

The total amount of grants on offer is 100,000 euros. They will be awarded under the auspices of the town hall's PalmaActiva service for business and job creation. Criteria will include employment practices, e.g. the fostering of "employment quality" and jobs for people who otherwise have problems accessing the labour market.