Opening of the Camí de Síller was being demanded in September 2017. | Elena Ballestero

In 2008, Pollensa town hall agreed a list of public ways which at that time excluded sixteen because of issues regarding ownership. Among them were the Camí Vell de Bóquer and Síller. At tomorrow's council meeting, approval is expected to be given to fourteen.

In order to gain approval, the minority administration headed by Junts Avançam will need to have the backing of the Alternativa per Pollença. This seems likely. The councillor for urban planning, Tomeu Cifre Bennàsar, is proposing that the ways to be catalogued (i.e. listed) should include, for example, Camí de Síller; Camí Vell de Lluc through Coll d‘en Patró; Camí de Bòquer; Camí Vell de Can Botana.

These have all been studied since 2015 and a system of unifying these ways has raised the possibility of adding others, such as the Camí Vell de Sant Vicenç. Town hall technicians are at present examining their boundaries.

In the case of Camí de Síller, there is an added complication because of the loss of markers after the forest fire in December 2017. A definitive pronouncement regarding this way is to be made. Cifre and the mayor, Miquel Àngel March, anticipate the ways being incorporated into the municipal catalogue before the May election.