Torrent de Pareis in Sa Calobra. | Pau L.B. Soler (You Tube)

The most popular filming locations in the Tramuntana Mountains are in Escorca - the Torrent de Pareis, the Sa Calobra road, Cala Tuent and the area around Lluc Sanctuary.

Escorca town hall is therefore going to revise its rates for filming and modify the bylaw governing the occupation of the public way to take the demand into account. Last year, permission was given for forty shoots. This was a high number given that authorisation is confined to the quieter months. Because of the number of tourists, it is not possible to give permission in summer.

The town hall's revision will consider the scale of the filming that is required. As well as use of the public way, the shoots need police and barriers for closing roads, while they also generate waste and need cleaning. "All this has a cost," says the mayor, Antoni Solivellas.