Alcudia has developed a strategic plan for tourism. | Pilar Pellicer

Alcudia's tourism strategic plan 2019-2022, which was approved at a council meeting in February, highlights the fact 80% of residents believe that various impacts of tourism are "intolerable".

A questionnaire that was used in developing the plan found concerns related to traffic, drug-taking and drinking and, above all, the cost of housing. Tourism councillor Joan Gaspar Vallori points to the fact 80% of people in Alcudia depend on tourism in one way or another. The town hall wanted their opinion in seeking to pursue a sustainable model that will facilitate coexistence with tourism.

Vallori is aware of the difficulties regarding housing and accommodation and that they are what concern people the most; they are also the most difficult to tackle. Only six per cent of the population believes that the cost of housing is bearable.

"We know that rents of some 900 euros a month are practically impossible. However, the town hall doesn't have available land for building social housing. It has been used for other necessities, such as schools."

The councillor hopes that the new colleges for nautical and hospitality/tourism training will prove important in reversing the high level of dropout from education. Eighty per cent of residents also considered this to be unsupportable. With regard to traffic, a new car park in Alcudia has been created and one in the port will be ready this week.