Valldemossa is one of the island’s most popular tourist destinations. | ARCHIVO

The Mayor of Valldemossa, Nadal Torres, has called on the central government delegate to the Balearics, to take urgent action and increase the number of police in the area to tackle the recent wave of robberies.

During the recent meeting of the Local Security Commission chaired by the central government secretary general, Ramon Morey, Torres expressed his mounting concern about the spike in robberies over the winter.

The mayor told security chiefs that the local community is becoming increasingly worried about the situation and demanded that more members of the Guardia Civil be deployed to the village which is extremely popular with tourists.

Torrres said that the majority of the burglaries and thefts are carried out over night and stressed the needs for more officers on the beat.

A number of other mayors in the Serra de Tramuntana have also expressed concerns about rising crime in the mountains - not to mention the weekend motorcycle races about which the Guardia Civil have taken action and are mounting weekly traffic controls.

The mayor of Valldemossa is also worried about the damage the crime wave could inflict on the village’s image which, according to a recent report, suffers more human pressure from coaches and tourists than Palma.