Poster with the missing five-year-old.


The Ministry for Interior yesterday ordered that a nationwide search be mounted to locate five-year-old Samuel Benjamin de Vries who has not been seen since last November.

Samuel lived in Calvia and according to official sources, his parents were separated - the mother lived in Germany and the father in Calvia.

Apparently, last November, the mother was due to hand her son over to the father, but failed to show.

The father spent the subsequent three months trying to locate and recover his son but to no avail and has now approached the Interior Ministry asking for help on the ground that he could be dealing with a case of “parental kidnapping”.

Samuel is 130cm tall, was wearing a gray tracksuit and a Mickey Mouse T-shirt when he was last seen.

Should anyone have any information about the possible whereabouts of Samuel they should contact the National Police of the Guardia Civil.