There are four stages for the Mallorca Live Festival. | Jaume Morey

According to a consultancy, this weekend's Mallorca Live Festival in Magalluf will generate 4.7 million euros. Sound Diplomacy calculates that there will be an increase of 1.1 million euros over last May's festival, with the total audience rising from 27,000 to 36,000. The firm estimates that spending on the festival by public authorities will mean that for each euro, the return in terms of financial benefit to businesses will be a factor of 13.

Magalluf's local economy will benefit to the tune of 820,000 euros. Demand for jobs will be 1,041, with 729 of these being local. The indirect benefit from some 21,600 overnight stays in local hotels will be 2.8 million euros through spending in restaurants, clubs and shops and on transport and other tourist activities. In total, the direct benefit will be 1.1 million euros and the indirect 3.6 million.

The budget for the event has gone up from two to three million euros, with separate public investment having risen 35%. There are improvements to facilities this year, such as an increase in the space for food.

The mayor of Calvia, Alfonso Rodríguez, is convinced that events such as the Mallorca Live Festival not only bring economic benefits, they also contribute to altering and enhancing the image of Magalluf overseas. The festival attracts many visitors from other countries and has placed Calvia on the map of "prestigious international festivals".

The Mallorca Live Festival takes place on Friday and Saturday. The headlining act on Saturday is Jamiroquai.