The property in Porreres.

Booze tourism is said to have arrived in Porreres. Joan Miquel Melià and his family live in a house near a finca - known as Finca Harley - which is registered for holiday rental purposes with the tourism ministry. On this finca there is the main house and two smaller houses. Officially, it can accommodate twelve people, although on some websites sixteen people are referred to.

The issue for the family isn't that the finca is for holiday rental. Melià says: "Our complaints are not against holiday rental. Families come here and cause no problem. But this finca is aimed at tourists who come and then don't leave it. There is music until all hours of the night and unfortunately this is a situation which occurs too frequently."

Melià has denounced the owner to the Guardia Civil, the local police and the justice of the peace. The latter has mediated but seemingly to no effect. Approaches have been made to the owner in order to reach some sort of agreement, but these have proved to be fruitless.

The property, he explains, is promoted for parties and events. Accordingly, up to one hundred people can turn up for one of these parties. There is a bar and there are powerful speakers.

The owner has also been denounced to the tourism ministry, which can investigate if there are "administrative irregularities".