Plans to extend the Palma Metro. | Archive

A conservation group called Units per Conservar has presented a proposal for the Palma Metro to go in an easterly direction along the coast as far as Badia Gran in Llucmajor.

The line would be 24 kilometres long and mainly overground. There would be seventeen stops, a journey time of some thirty minutes and a branch to the airport. The group envisages trains being run on hydrogen. Spokesperson Robert Busquet says that hydrogen is the most sustainable form environmentally and the most economical. "The idea is being developed in Germany and effectively so. In addition, the hydrogen could come from the new plant in Lloseta."

The proposal has been presented to political parties for their consideration. The government does of course have a plan for a tram to the airport from Palma centre and to Arenal.

A couple of months ago, Units per Conservar proposed a different extension for the metro - from ParcBit to Esporles.