Gates have closed off the Cala Varques finca access. | Maria Nadal

Pro Camins Públics, the group which defends the rights of walkers and of public ways, has entered the argument about access to Cala Varques in Manacor. The owner of the finca, who has closed the gates to his property and to direct access, says that the public way does not cross his land. However, a member of Pro Camins, Sebastià Gaià, says that the public way extends into the finca and that there are archives at Manacor town hall which certify the existence of a way, which has "all but disappeared in some parts".

The group criticises a lack of political will for not having listed this way properly. There is in fact an official document from 2001 which catalogues ways in Manacor but which doesn't refer to one passing through the Cala Varques finca. A study was to be carried out once the 2001 list was approved. The idea was to incorporate at a later date the ways that go to the coast. This has not been done.

The mayor, Catalina Riera, has said again that Manacor police will be compiling a report on the closure of access to the way in the Cala Varques finca. With regard to a town hall obligation to guarantee right of way to the beach, she says that there is a way from Cala Romantica but accepts that people want to take the shortest route.