Gloria Zavala with her son, who police think could be in Belgium.


Police investigating the murder of Gloria Francisca Zavala in Arenal, whose body was found on Wednesday, suspect that she may have been killed on the previous Friday. At quarter past nine on Friday evening she was sending a WhatsApp message to her boss at Aqualand when this was cut off. She didn't make any further contact.

Her son, who reported her missing on Tuesday morning, told police that Gloria had gone to work on Sunday morning; she also cleaned for a gentleman in El Molinar. She didn't show up. Her best friend, the godmother to her son, went to the house on Sunday. The son said that she had not returned from work.

The two went to a McDonald's and the godmother stayed at the house to wait for Gloria, who never appeared. The son told her that Gloria had taken the card for his phone away on the Sunday morning. Yet by the evening, he was able to use his phone.

The autopsy, which indicates that she died some time between Friday and Sunday, has established that Gloria died as a result of cardiorespiratory arrest, but the analysis as to what led to this is still being conducted. The search for the son and his girlfriend, a year above him at the same school, continues. Police are still not absolutely certain if they left Majorca on Tuesday, but if they did, Belgium has been identified as a likely destination.

The parents of the girl became concerned on Tuesday when she didn't return home. She and Gloria's son both switched off their phones on Tuesday, having deleted their Facebook and Instagram profiles in the afternoon.