The 16-year-old girl suffered various injuries.


A sixteen-year-old Colombian girl was attacked at a club in Cala Millor on Sunday morning by a group of seven young people. She was with a friend when, at around ten to four, they were subjected to insults, including ones of a racial type. The girl was thrown to the floor and attacked. Security intervened and ejected two attackers and the two girls. Outside the club the attacks intensified, with five others joining in. A gold chain worth up to 1,000 euros was ripped off the girl and her mobile was smashed.

Various passers-by intervened to prevent more violence and insults regarding her colour and nationality. She took refuge in another establishment and was taken to the local PAC health centre and treated for various bruises, having been punched and kicked in the face and on parts of her body.

Sant Llorenç police were unable to immediately locate the attackers, but they and the Guardia Civil have since been able to identify who they were.