Gloria Zavala, whose body was found on Wednesday last week.


A court in Belgium will decide on the request to extradite the sixteen-year-old son of Gloria Francisca Zavala. The Belgian authorities have five to 25 days to accept the request.

The boy was detained by Belgian police in Brussels on Tuesday morning, as was his 17-year-old girlfriend. Spanish and Belgian police authorities had been working together in finding him; a European arrest warrant had been issued. The pair had gone to a hotel in a Brussels neighbourhood described as being highly multicultural. In so doing, they believed that they would not stand out. In fact, the police had established where they were and had them under surveillance before making their move on Tuesday.

The National Police in Majorca are convinced that the boy is directly linked to the death of Gloria Zavala, whose body was found in the garage at her home in Arenal on Wednesday last week. The boy and his girlfriend are believed to have left Majorca the day before.

If he were to stand trial and be convicted of murder, the maximum tariff, given his age, would be eight years.