The room with the meters. | Alejandro Sepúlveda

There is another case of squatters in Palma, this time at a property on the calle Henri Dunant in the Son Oliva neighbourhood.

On the night of Easter Sunday, various people occupied an empty property on the Los Olivos estate. Residents called the Palma police, who went to the property when none of the squatters were there. There was a second call to the police. This time they were able to get IDs from the squatters but left as they weren't in a position to do anything more.

Since then there have been numerous incidents involving residents being threatened, things being broken and a great deal of noise. On Thursday, technicians from Endesa (Gesa) went to cut off the electricity and were attacked by the squatters. One of them trapped the technicians in the room with the meters. A mobile was taken from a technician. The National Police were called this time, and they managed to free the technicians.

There are suspicions that these are the same squatters who took over a property in Son Güells recently and were intent on extortion. Residents paid them between 5,000 and 10,000 euros to get out.

A solution may be the contracting of a company which specialises in removing squatters. There is little confidence in the police being able to do anything.