The local police in Playa de Palma. They don't have problems with accommodation, but the National Police do.


The SUP police union is once more warning that National Police summer reinforcements for Palma could be at risk because of problems with finding affordable accommodation.

The union's spokesperson in the Balearics, Manuel Pavón, says that this situation affects more or less all the officers who have been scheduled to come to Majorca but who in the end may not come unless they are paid more to cover the cost of accommodation.

Palma town hall has called on the national government delegation to strengthen National Police numbers and to bring officers to Palma before the middle of June. The delegation has responded positively to this request, but there remains the question about accommodation for the officers.

With the local force, there are now 210 officers working on the basis of voluntary extra hours, and this number is expected to increase to 250. This additional working is for controlling Playa de Palma and parts of the city centre. It means that officers don't have to be diverted from other areas of the city.

Special emphasis is to be placed on traffic infringements and hire cars that are parked on streets without having been hired out.