Sono Ondo meets Phil Slander.

British resident Philip Dawson played his first musical note on a piano at the age of five, but little did he know that music was going to take over his career and his life.

Philip has been a key member of the Balearic Symphony Orchestra, as a double bass player, for over a decade. But despite having been classically trained at the prestigious Royal Academy of Music in London and having performed with the Philharmonic and Symphony orchestras prior to moving to Majorca, his own personal tastes in music have always been his hobby.

Growing up he played in rock and roll bands, swing and jazz groups, big band sound orchestras, written and produced his own music. However, over the past year, he has dedicated all of his spare time to his latest and biggest venture to date, his first album which will be released/streamed this Friday on all musical social platforms, in particular Spotify.

Perception Coast by Sono Ondo and Philip Dawson, aka Phil Slander and his old university friend Chris Wilson, who lives in the UK, is the collaborative production of a six-track musical experience which is going to mark the beginning of a whole new era in Philip’s musical career.

While Philip and Chris were collaborating via social media, the tracks were being superbly mastered by Santanyi-based Hay Zeelen. Each track develops and explores similar source material within a variety of different popular dance music sub genres. "The best way to describe the music is ambient, techno, chilled dance," Philip says.

The sound is unique. While there are influences from the likes of the Chemical Brothers, Depeche Mode, Massive Attack, Orbital, Groover and Kraftwerk, Phil and Chris have produced something extremely individual, and it has all been mastered here in Majorca with local models featured in the videos. "It’s very much a Majorcan product, it’s a new Majorcan sound."

Chris adds: "It is new music. There’s such a fine line between boring and really banging! I hope this noise makes people smile."

Philip wants people to enjoy this record with friends at a listening party on high quality stereo equipment or on their own in a dimly lit room through headphones. "The abstract nature of this music requires multiple plays to fully appreciate the heightened perception brought about by the same. This is the most adventurous project I’ve captained so far."

For the past six months Philip has been sharing ten seconds of each track and these can currently be watched. Philip can be followed, so you get the full album streamed to your digital platform as soon as it is released on Friday. Visit:
and simply "follow".

Be prepared to be blown away, you will not be disappointed.