Police handing out fine for buying from an illegal seller.

Palma police have issued the first fine for making a purchase from an illegal street seller. This measure was introduced under new ordinance governing public order that came into effect at the start of the year.

A foreign tourist in Arenal was handed the fine. The town hall bylaw sets a range of penalty from 100 to 750 euros. In this instance the fine was the minimum. The tourist didn't pay on the spot, so collection is likely to be pursued by the company the town hall employs for payment of fines by citizens of other countries.

The police have set up special controls in the most popular areas of Playa de Palma - calle Pare Bartomeu Salvà in Arenal, aka Schinkenstrasse, being right at the top of the list. Plainclothes officers had been deployed to look out for offences such as the purchase of goods from the illegal sellers.

These controls, say the police, will intensify during the summer. They stress that the purpose isn't to generate revenue from fines but to deter potential customers from buying products from unauthorised vendors. The police and town hall will also be distributing further information about the bylaw and purchase of goods to tourists and residents.